Maryland Proton Treatment Center - Baltimore, MD QUALITY — You won’t be handed off to a recent grad or intern, you won’t get boilerplate specs and details, you will work directly with a Principal and receive customized solutions. Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund Headquarters - Baltimore, MD SPECIALIZATION — We can offer our clients the latest in acoustical modeling, auralization, and test and measurement technology since acoustics is our focus. Stages Music Arts - Cockeysville, MD INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS — We sell no products; our only goal is to provide the best, most aesthetic solution within our client’s budget. Wake Forest School of Medicine / Bowman Gray Center for Medical Education / Building 60 South - Winston-Salem, NC EXPERIENCE — We have completed hundreds of projects and thousands of hours of testing and analysis.

Bay Acoustics is an independent acoustics and vibration consultancy offering consultation services in Architectural Acoustics, Vibration, Noise Control, Aeroacoustics and Environmental Noise to the architectural, engineering, manufacturing, performing arts, entertainment and interior design communities.

Bay Acoustics is based in the Mid-Atlantic region with offices in DC and Baltimore. Due to the highly specialized nature of the work, we serve clients worldwide. We sell no products, so our solutions are always driven by value and aesthetics. Bay Acoustics specializes in acoustics only. This allows us to apply the state of the art in acoustic instrumentation, acoustic modeling and auralization.

Project Highlights

  • Studios & Broadcast
  • Stages Music Arts
  • Workplace
  • MAIF
  • Education
  • Wake Forest Building 60 South
  • Cultural & Civic
  • The Atlas Theater