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Maryland Automotive Insurance Fund (MAIF) Headquarters, Baltimore MD
 Architect: Arris Design Studio, Inc.

Client: Arris Design Studio, Inc.
Size: 55,000 SF
Cost: $3.5M

Bay Acoustics was responsible for acoustical design for the new Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund Headquarters located in McHenry Row in Baltimore’s vibrant Locust Point neighborhood.  MAIF’s headquarters were added to the existing Phillips Seafood building extending the two story structure to four stories.  The facility includes large open office space, multiple conference rooms, and training rooms.  The project received GOLD level certification under the Commercial Interiors LEED Rating System.

Service: Room Acoustics
Bay Acoustics provided room acoustics designs and solutions for the open plan and the conference and training rooms.  A good portion of the ceilings are exposed and needed to maintain a modern aesthetic.  Bay Acoustics design custom acoustical panels that provided the proper acoustical absorption while blending in with the interior designer’s concept for the spaces.   

Service: Sound Masking System Design and Tuning
We designed and provided field tuning of an extensive noise masking system that achieved less than 2 dBA differential between workstations.  This was particularly challenging as there is a mix of exposed and drop ceilings in large open plan areas connected to other spaces that did not require noise masking.  Each speaker in the system had individual level and spectrum control.  This allowed blending of the system throughout the various spaces. 

Service: HVAC Noise Control Design
We performed a facility wide mechanical systems noise analysis and provided recommendations for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.  Again, challenging due to the exposed structures and exposed equipment.  Through the use of HVAC noise computer modelling, lagging and external lining solutions were designed to control the noise from these systems.     

Service: Sound Insulation Design
Bay Acoustics provided reviews and designs of partitions, interior glazing, doors, and floor/ceiling assemblies to insure proper sound isolation for critical spaces.  Sound insulation computer models were utilized to provide detailed recommendations for these items.