Room Acoustics

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Room Acoustics is the science of the behavior of sound within an enclosed space. Sound energy is redirected by reflectors, scattered by diffusors and converted to heat by absorbers. Along with these surface properties, the volume and shape of the room dictate the acoustical signature of the room, or its impulse response.

For facilities under design: initially, overall room volume and gross shaping is completed using rough calculations and ray tracing. Working closely with the interior designer, an overall design theme is established and acoustical material selection begins. The designer no longer needs to be relegated to fabric wrapped panels. There is a wide selection of materials to absorb, scatter and redirect sound. For critical listening spaces, the room can be computer modeled and then auralized. In this process it is actually possible to listen to the room and make informed decisions before it is built.

For facilities requiring remedial treatment: a series of acoustic measurements are completed to quantify various acoustic metrics. From these measurements, acoustic shortcomings can be better defined and corrective solutions can be designed and implemented.