About Us

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The Acoustics Specialists

At Bay Acoustics we provide a different approach from what the standard multidisciplinary technology firms offer.


We customize each solution and design. We don’t just change the headers on boilerplate reports and details. Our room acoustics designs are modern and take into account the overall aesthetic of the space. Our noise control designs factor in source levels, receiver expectations and the budget as opposed to quoting STC ratings from a table in a textbook.


Acoustics, noise control and vibration can be very complex subjects. We feel by focusing on these areas we can better serve our clients. We are constantly improving our skills with continuing education and participation in professional and scientific societies.


While we always recommend that an acoustician is involved in a project from planning and programming until construction administration; we understand that this is not always a reality. We make it easy for our clients to engage our services even for the smallest of acoustic problems in any design phase.

Problem Solving

Unfortunately, we still come across completed facilities that have major acoustical issues. In some cases, these spaces are unusable for their intended program in their current state. Through these exercises in remediation, we have become very good problem solvers. Through education, such as our seminars, we are trying to make the design community aware of the importance of good acoustic design throughout the entire design cycle.