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Stages Music Arts

Stages Music Arts, Cockeysville, MD
Architect: Sanders Designs
Client: Stages Music Arts
Size: 13,000 SF

Stages Music Arts is a state-of-the-art, world-class audio and video production, distribution, and music education facility. Stages began as a vision by founder, and creator, Rob Smith, to create a place that would encompass all things music, where a musician at any level has every tool and opportunity to explore all aspects of the music industry. In addition to classrooms, practice rooms, and private lesson rooms, and support spaces, the facility houses:

Studio A features more than 700 square feet of recording space between the main live room, and two isolation booths. The studio includes a spacious control room, green room, kitchen, and private restroom with a shower. Studio A is equipped with SSL Duality Delta console.

Studio B is the analog duplicate of Studio A. This space is driven by an API 1608, 32 channel version and will have a 2-inch analog multitrack option.

The Julian Smith Performance Theatre is an intimate performance theatre with the dynamics of a large concert hall. The acoustics design of the space supports both acoustic and electric based performances. Bay Acoustics provided extensive 3D modeling resulting in room acoustics designs for the two recording studios and the performance theatre. We performed a facility wide mechanical systems noise analysis and provided recommendations for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. Bay Acoustics provided reviews and designs of partitions, doors, and exterior wall assemblies to insure proper sound isolation for critical spaces.